Ways to Style Your Hair with Mullet Hairstyles

Women are often seen as the fairer sex, but this doesn’t stop many of them from rocking a mullet haircut. A mullet is short in the front and long in the back, with one side either looking like an undercut or fades into being longer than the other side. Sometimes both sides have similar lengths. While men usually sport this style, there are plenty of women who rock it too! Here’s a list of some popular hairstyles for women with mullets.

The mullet haircut is the ultimate in versatility. The haircut can be worn slick back or styled down, with a slick side part or undercut, and requires little to no styling maintenance.

How do you style a female mullet?

I’m going to show you all the different ways to style your hair with mullet hairstyles. From a side ponytail to a bun, there’s something for everyone. I have included pictures of each look to see how they are styled and what will need to be done before hand. I hope this post helps you find a new way to wear your hair today.

A mullet is a hairstyle with a short, cropped cut on the front and sides of your head with long hair in the back. Mullets are popular among women who want to keep their long locks but still have an edgy haircut.

Mullets were first seen as a sporty male hairstyle, but they’ve been adopted by many female celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and Britney Spears. A few of the most popular styles include The Rachel from Friends or Penelope Cruz’s style from Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. These looks can be achieved at home with just a pair of scissors and some hairspray.

Most inspiring female mullet hairstyle

If you’re a woman with long hair, sometimes it’s tough to find the perfect haircut. We all have days when we want to change things up and get out of our comfort zone – but even then, we end up with something that is not quite right for us. Well, I’m here to help! If you’re looking for an edgy hairstyle that doesn’t require any extra work or maintenance on your part (like dyeing or styling), consider one of these mullet haircuts: the side mullet, the top mullet, and the backside mullet. They are so fun and playful.

You may not be a fan of the mullet haircut, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to know what is trending.

You might want to consider a layered undercut or disconnected bob if your hair needs more volume at the top. If you have finer hair, go with a voluminous blowout or long asymmetrical cut to look fuller. This would be an excellent option for those on edge about cutting their hair short because it also comes with less upkeep than super-long locks.