Full Moon Dances January 12th program


Program for Tonight’s Show
Thursday  January 12th at the Cider Gallery

Danza Meshica Calpulli Iskalli
Andres Ramirez, Arelis Flores & Dario Rugerio
“The Dance of the Eagle & the Serpent”

Translation Nahuatl to English: Calpulli - family Iskalli - new begining, born 
Led by: Arelis Flores from Aguascalientes, Mexico 

Calpulli Iskali founded in 2012 with the purpose of guarding Indigenous traditions through prayer, chant, music and dance to find physical identity and spiritual balance. Calpulli Iskali is not only a group of people trying to play Indian but a ceremonial family that honors ancestral traditions in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. 

The Eagle and the Serpent: In the Anahuaka view of the world the Eagle represents the Sun, conscience, and spirit. The Serpent represents Mother Earth, knowledge and material of the secrets of the creator. The encounter of both, Eagle and Serpent, results in equilibrium of the world. Mexico’s national flag displays this encounter; unfortunately it has always been misunderstood as a battle between good and evil.

Hema Sharma
“Sankara Siri Giri”
“Folk dance - Garba-meri gagardi”

Sankara Siri Giri: This is a composition of Maharaja Swati Tirunal.
The dance of Lord Sankara. With ashes covering his body, the three eyed Lord wears a garland of skulls around his neck and dances along with his ganaas and sage bhrungI.  As the gods and sages shine in the heavens, the anklets on his feet make the sound tanana tanana nanana.  And as he dances, he looks so handsome that countless would be put to shame if they bothered to look at him.  And as the music and rhythm reign supreme blossoms in the heart of the composer, padumanAbha.

Sankaara siri giri is in Ragam Hamasanandi set to Adi talam.
Performers are: Hema Sharma, Music Courtesy Mr. Srikanth from India
Interactive dance: Courtesy of Setu folk dance, Ahamedabad, India.

Mark William Garcia & Quinton Marschall
“3 Little Pieces for 2 Recorders” by Aitor Merino Martinez
“Condor Pasa” Andean Folk Song

Maura Garcia
“Fool He” & “The Hand”, music by Mark Gabriel Little
“Color of the Earth”, music by Mark Gabriel Little
“Ode to the Sun”, music by Mark Gabriel Little

Lindsey Smith & Joseph Pilgram
"What a Wonderful World", music by Michael Bublé