"Layered, muscular, and surprising...her open, raw, emotional presence inside the movement is breathtaking...She offers a vivid and lively connection to Indigenous cultures within a contemporary lens."
- Marissa Wolf, Director of NewWorks/Associate Artist, Kansas City Repertory Theatre

"With so much turmoil in the world, it was truly amazing to spend time amongst different cultures and experience music, dance, folklore and spiritual practices on the night of a blazing full moon. It was a fantastic experience."

- Chris Marschall, Audience Member, Musician and IT Professional, Mars Studios

"Powerful, Illuminating, Emotionally Engaging"

              - Jim Julien, Managing Director, Asheville FringeArts

“Movements so deliberate in grace and in flight. Chasing excitement with every expression on her face. Her hands command the Earth to hold its breath.”
- Josephine Acquirre, Audience Member, Poet, Overland Park, KS

"The premiere of "Yvwi Tsvsdi-The Little People"…strong, stunning performance.” 
- Tess Ocana, Concerts Director, ArtsCenter

Maura Garcia creates contemporary Indigenous dance performances celebrating southeastern Indigenous values and culture. She specializes in multi-sensory shows featuring powerful solo dance and vibrant cross-disciplinary collaborations with other artists. Maura Garcia Dance also presents place-specific performances featuring group pieces with local performers. Maura makes performances for the stage, site-specific venues and video. In addition to the current repertoire, she accepts commissions to create new work and set her choreography on others. Throughout her work, Maura is committed to using re-purposed clothing and materials to create costumes, installations and sets.