photograph of Maura Garcia dancing
Photo Credit to Kyle Rivas
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Maura Garcia Dance offers performances featuring choreographic works of Artistic Director Maura Garcia and collaborating artists. From compelling solos to experiential ensemble shows, Maura Garcia Dance provides deeply engaging performances for the stage, the out-of-doors and in response to specific places and events.

Long-term collaborative projects exploring community narratives and history via dance and other art forms. To date, projects have taken place in all sorts of places, including urban Indian centers, public libraries, after school programs, Native youth groups, summer camps and city museums.

photograph of Maura Garcia Dance workshop
Maura teaching at the Smithsonian NMAI in Washington, DC with ALP

Choreography intensives, movement response master classes, lecture demos and dance-story workshops for everyBODY, from professional dancers to corporate employees to university students. Garcia is also a teaching artist and facilitates arts integrated academic classes for public schools and arts integration trainings for educators. 

photograph of Maura Garcia dancing
Photo Credit to Jenny Wheat
Dance, functional fitness and strength & balance classes.  Through training in crisis counseling and CTI life coaching, and by incorporating techniques from Liz Lerman's Critical Response theory, Garcia has developed movement-based support groups and empowerment programs for survivors of domestic violence and sexual trauma.

photograph of Ahyoka teaching 
Led by fluent speaker Ahyoka Youngdeer (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), Garcia co-facilitates classes. Ahyoka is a Kituwah Cherokee Lifeways Consultant & Decolinization Activist who teaches Cherokee language via immersion classes and the Total Physical Response Method.