photograph of Maura Garcia dancing
Photo Credit by Jenny Wheat
Dance for Dance’s Sake Class
A rhythm-based dance class with a focus on fitness, coordination, conditioning and FUN! Incorporates movements from celebratory social dances of the Americas, modern dance, pilates and yoga. Classes run from 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours.

Strengthen & Stretch Class
This class features a series of exercises designed to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Develops the mind-body connection by incorporating whole-body exercises and deep, muscle-lengthening stretches. Classes run from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

MARIPOSA Empowerment:  Workshops & Support Groups for Trauma Survivors
Incorporating her Crisis Response, Support Group Facilitation and Life Coaching training, Maura has developed a movement-based curriculum exploring themes such as boundaries and self-esteem. Movement facilitates deep change by indirectly addressing trauma in a safe space. MARIPOSA Empowerment workshops are designed to produce positive changes by strengthening the mind/body connection. The guiding philosophy of the workshops is that the entire person, mind and body, must be engaged in order for learning and transformation to occur. The workshops aim to promote self-awareness and self-esteem by helping participants access their potential through the use of movement, choreography, dance, voice and text.  AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH OR SPANISH
“I also wanted to give you some feedback from the group participants. This was something new for the ladies and they all expressed how this helped them feel good about themselves in ways most had not felt in the past. They enjoyed the music and dancing, and during this time they felt free about expressing themselves in a way they never had before. The use of the mirror was a very good technique, and many of the participants commented that it had a powerful impact, especially 
for their self-esteem."
             - Soleir Gordon Schaefer, Group Facilitator, Durham Crisis Response Center

"Garcia’s work has created an opportunity to utilize the group’s energy to support the healing of these courageous women."
              - Rene McCreary, Director of Clinical Services
 Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA)

“It broke me out of (my) shell and pushed me to have more faith in myself." 
- Tama, MOCSA Survivor Empowerment Project participant
“Maura’s teaching style is challenging, encouraging and elegant...No matter how challenging the moves or positions were, she was consistently motivating and would adjust according to the needs of the student.” 
    - Charlotte McCloskey, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist